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If you need any advice on your administrative/professional writing,
we are here to help you!

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Once we receive your application,
we will get in touch and start revision and advice
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Once our advice is done, it is your turn to return.
Our service does not require fixed amount of money;
but you can decide what you would return.
We recommend you to be creative, are especially happy
if it is something from the culture you belong to!

Meet our team

Here are our Nandemo team!



Hide is currently working for a Tokyo-based startup. He is also a hostel receptionist, and enjoys exploring different cultures.

He holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy.



Shinji has rich professional experiences in policy development and project finance.

He holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy.

About Nandemo

Who We Are

Who We Are

We work for solidarity and friendship

Japan is known as its unique culture and customs.
However, its homogeneity and punctuality
sometimes bring you a bit of problems
- especially when it is about documentations!

We support people, who are not familiar with Japanese professional writing, with our expertises on administrative and professional documentation in Japanese.

Why We Started

Why We Started

We share what we can, so can you?

The new era with the pandemic make us challenging to meet new cultures and get in touch with people outside our communities.

Nandemo tries to build an intercultural community where people can share and support each other.

We will start by our administrative/professional writing skills, and let's see how it goes!

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